In Case You Missed It, NFL…

Week 2 of the NFL is almost wrapped, and here are your Scores and Highlights:

Green Bay Packers 23, Chicago Bears 10 

  • Pain in the ass Jay Cutler sucked, I played him in my fantasy league and now I have to rely on  Julio Jones, Willis McGahee and Tony Gonzalez tonight to redeem my squad this week. He threw 4 interceptions and 1 TD. What goes without saying is that the Packers Defense rocked, not only the 4 interceptions but they had 7 sacks as well. Jordy Nelson shined for Green Bay with 6 receptions for 84 YDS.

Buffalo Bills 35, Kansas City Chiefs 17

  • Bills Win = CJ Spiller. He had 2 TDS, 123 YDS Rushing and 47 YDS Receiving and the Defense dominated with 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.

Cincinnati Bengals 34, Cleveland Browns 27

  • Andy Dalton had quite the game with 3 TDS and throwing for 318 YDS. Although it pains me to say it, the Browns hung in there thanks to Brandon Weeden, throwing for 322 YDS and 2 TDS, and Trent Richardson went 109 Yds on 19 Carries and scored 2 TDS, the first of his career.

Carolina 35, New Orleans 27

  • Cam Newton is a Star…News? I think not. The real story here is the struggling Saints starting 0-2 this season. It will be interesting to see if they can overcome all the off season controversy.

Houston Texans 27, Jacksonville Jaguars 7

  • The Texans basically dominated the Jaqs leading off 17-0. Ben Tate had 2 TDS and Arian Foster ran for 110 YDs off 28 Carries and TD. Maurice Jones-Drew was the only shining light for Jax with a 5-YD TD catch to avoid the donut.

Miami Dolphins 35, Oakland Raiders 13

  • Yeah Buddy. The Fins finally showed up, Reggie Bush was a MONSTER finishing with 172 YDS and 2 TDS. Tannehill even had a rushing TD. This makes the Magic City very happy.

Arizona Cardinals 20, New England Patriots 18

  • AZ just barely scooted past the Pats, but either way, it’s a big win for them. The Patriots looked shaky except for Tom Brady, that’s because he’s the best in the league: 316 YDS, 2 TDs and 1 INT.

New York Giants 41, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34

  • The Giants struggled in the first half,  but Eli Manning came back to set a team record in single game passing yards with 510 in the air. On the Wide Receiver front Vincent Jackson shined with 128 YDS and 1 TD, Victor Cruz had 179 YDs 1 TD and Hakeem Nicks had 199 Yds and 1 TD. By the way if you haven’t heard, the Bucs tried to knock the ball loose on the last play which was around bid field. Manning got knocked over and the Giants still won. Coughlin proceeded to trash talk Schiano after the game. Comedy.

Philadelphia Eagles 24, Baltimore Ravens 23

  • Vick brought ’em back in this one. The Eagles trailed for a majority of the game, but they came back for the win scoring the winning TD with less than 2 minutes left in the game. The Ravens had some big numbers from Ray Rice  as he rushed for 99 YDS in 16 Carries and snapped 6 Passes for 53 YDS as Baltimore’s 2nd leading receiver in this game.

Indianapolis Colts 23, Minnesota Vikings 20

  • The Colts were leading for almost the entire game, then decided to go to sleep and let the Vikings score 2 TDS in the last 5 minutes. Andrew Luck showed his worth however with 224 YDs and 2 TDS.

St. Louis Rams 31, Washington Redskins 28

  • After controlling the game for the first half, the Redskins fell to a rallied St. Louis in the 2nd being outscored 15-7. Sam Bradford came up big for the Rams with 310 YDS, 3 TDS and went 26-35. RG3 didn’t have quite the performance he had last week, turning up only 1 TD, 1  INT and 206 YDS.

Seattle Seahawks 27, Dallas Cowboys 7

  • Big game for the Seahawks as they put it in perspective for Dallas. Tony Romo wasn’t horrible with 251 YDS and 1 TD, but certainly wasn’t enough to hang with Seattle’s dominating offense. Marshawn Lynch had 122 YDs and 1 TD and Russell Wilson had 151 YDS, 1 TD and went 15-20.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27, New York Jets 10

  • Yeah Buddy Take 2. The Steelers demolished the Jets this week, which I predicted would happen because them Steeler boys don’t like loosin, Na Mean? Big Ben threw for 275 YDS, 2 TDs and went 24-31.  The Steelers face the Raiders next week, that should be interesting slaughter for Pittsburgh and the Jets travel to the 305 to likely crush the Fins the AFC East rivalry.

San Diego Chargers 38, Tennessee Titans 10

  • I should have started Philip Rivers…dummy move. He threw 3 TDS raked in 284 YDS. The Chargers scored on their opening drive and set the tone for the win. Shall I start him next week against the Falcons…we shall see.

San Francisco 49ers 27, Detroit Lions 19

  • This team is Superbowl bound and I’m happy about it. Their first two week moccasins on their belt are quite shiny with a win over Green Bay and now the Lions.

Atlanta Falcons 27, Denver Broncos 21

  • Manning was not looking like any reflection of his former self, throwing 3 interceptions, 1 TD and only 200 YDS. Atlanta’s defense was brilliant as was Tony Gonzalez who went 7 for 70 YDS and a TD. This game is a total reflection of the flip flopping of the league, with 20 Teams 1-1 going in to the 3rd week.

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